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Zhiyun LED svetlo FIiveray FR100C Combo

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FIVERAY FR100C RGB LED Tube Light from Zhiyun-Tech is an efficient, fan-integrated tube light designed with gimbals in mind due to its slim profile. The RGB LED bulbs have an adjustable color gamut from 0 to 360° in HSI mode, variable color temperature, and continuous 0 to 100% dimming. This light is fully featured and an ideal fill light for run-and-gun shooting. Its dial-like control panel and screen allow you to toggle between different modes and view your battery status. The FIVERAY FR100C has built-in fans to prevent overheating when in max power mode. An integrated shade creates diffused light to achieve a softer look in your footage. Adding the light to your gimbal is simple thanks to its 1/4"-20 thread which attaches to an articulating arm. The FR100C is powered by six internal 2600mAh batteries which can run for up to 40 minutes at max power and are rechargeable via the USB Type-C port. including a TransMount 120W power supply for simultaneous charging while in operation. Integrated fans prevent overheating at max power Can reach up to 21,195 lumens at 100W max power 0 to 100% brightness RGB adjustment range 0 to 360° CRI level of 96 and TLCI level of 97 renders authentic colors Supports 28W fast charge via USB Type-C Using compatible TransMount 120W power adapter allows for simultaneous use while charging 1/4"-20 thread for mounting on a gimbal, tripod, or stand Control Center Functions Dim and CCT button can toggle between brightness or color temperature adjustment HSI button switches between hue, saturation, and intensity interfaces Max button to turn on/off max power mode Power button can be held down to turn product on/off

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